Summer is almost here! Welcome in the new season and get the family together to freshen up your home with some deep cleaning. The temperatures are beginning to start heating up and everything seems to be coming back to life. With the smell of freshly cut grass and flowers blooming, the smell of a musty home can put a damper on all of the excitement of seasons changing. Our homes take a beating during the winter months and especially this year after Hurricane Matthew it is extremely important to check and make sure everything is up to par and running properly.

We have gathered some forgotten places and things that we consider important!

Outdoor Maintenance


Roof- check to make sure all shingles are in place, check for any missing or misplaced shingles. The roof takes a beating all year so be aware of any that look run down, exposed nails, areas that sag, and missing caulk.

Gutters- while you’re already up on the roof you might as well kill two birds with one stone! A clogged gutter can cause more problems to deal with rather than doing the dreaded task beforehand. All that’s needed is a ladder, bucket and gloves to scoop out any gunk, leaves and twigs that have accumulated during the winter. Don’t forget to check the condition that they are in as well, look for any looseness or leaks!


Windows- For the outside, a simple mix of dish detergent and water works wonders; if it is extremely groggy after that mix half white vinegar and half water to really get the rest.

Grills- Everyone loves a good char on the outside of their BBQ, but no one wants to taste last year’s cook-out. Start by turning off any propane then detaching the grates and soaking them in a bucket of hot water and soap. Next, cover the heating areas and take a brush to scrub the top of the hood and sides to get rid of the built up carbon and grease. Take the grates out once soaked for around 10-20 minutes, scrub and rinse off remaining residue. Sweep out any left overs on the bottom then assemble the grill and fire it up!

Patio Furniture- If you can take patio furniture covers off and put them in the wash then proceed with that. If that is not an option, a simple mix of warm water and dish detergent will do the job with a light scrub.

Air Conditioning- North Carolina is hot; don’t make it any worse by risking an AC break down in the month of July. Being proactive about preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure a cool home. Replace any filters needed, check valves and hoses for any leaks, and call an expert if you need any help.


Furniture covers and drapery- Spring and summer are not only a change of seasons, but also a change of styles! Liven up the house by replacing any furniture covers and drapery with livelier patterns and colors to add a fresh pop to the room. Make sure to set any furniture out of the direct sunlight to avoid any sun damage.

Ceiling Fans & Vents- Springtime brings out the worst in a majority of people’s allergies; don’t make it worse by breathing in more dust and grime then necessary. Take all filters down and replace them, while doing that clean the vents with warm water and soap. Wipe down the tops of the fans and you will be surprised by how much is built up that isn’t visible to the eye.

Replace all batteries- Make this a project to do all at once; replace the major ones like fire detectors and CO2 detectors. Then work your way down to replacing batteries in simple toys, remotes and any other daily house hold items.

Floors and Rugs- Stop two gaps with one bush and do both of these at the same time! Take the rugs outside and beat the dust off, vacuum and stain remove any bad areas then leave outside for at least 12 hours to air out. While your home is rug free take the opportunity to deep clean the hardwood, tile and carpet throughout the home! Just make sure to not trap yourself in a corner waiting for the floor to dry!

De-clutter- Three words; Let. It. Go. Use this rule of thumb; if you haven’t worn it in over two years donate it, if you haven’t used it in one year, recycle it. You’ll be surprised by how much better it feels to have a clean space in front of you.

Wipe down de-cluttered spaces- With so much more room on your counter-tops, pantries, refrigerators and desk; it’s a perfect time to clean all those surfaces. You can use a multi-purpose cleaner on all of these, just be sure to be careful on marble!


Enjoy a freshly cleaned home and well-running home!