Our custom built homes now display the owner name on their site sign, this is the Shore family’s new home in Waterstone.


Custom Homes are one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of the home building business. They allow for a growing bond between the home owner and the builder, making a custom project a fun adventure for both parties, but how do you get the process started?

  1. Find the perfect location

Take the time to pick a neighborhood and lot, you may have seen one of our neighborhoods on your daily commute or heard about it from a friend. Take a Sunday drive through any of our charming neighborhoods and get a feel for the atmosphere of the community. If you already have property in mind, we will be happy to build on land located elsewhere.

  1. Select a house plan

Now that you have selected your lot, check out our floor plans located on our website. Pick a plan that suits your needs, and we can make some custom modifications. Bring in your own set of plans, or our architect can custom draw just for you.

  1. Break ground and stake your claim

Once you have picked your plan and break ground on your dream home, our new job-site signs will display your name. This provides great ownership over your new purchase while you watch it become YOUR house from start to finish!

The photo pictured at the top of this post is the Shore family’s new home in Waterstone. See our new sign featuring their name.

  1. Your taste in design.

Get creative as you work openly and honestly with our project managers and sales staff to put your personal spin on the design of your home as you select your amenities and finishes. We are happy to help guide you along this exciting process with your subcontractors to make sure your vision comes together seamlessly to represent you!


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